We focus on a 21st century strategy to ensure access to the broadest audience in our rapidly changing world. We specialize in websites and strategy for an online presence for small businesses, local political campaigns, and organizations. We are the right people if you need to get a good looking website up and running, and don’t want to break the bank. We don’t charge big money because we are also a small business and understand that local campaigns, organizations, and small businesses need an online presence and don’t have the kind of cash that so many big marketing firms and web developers want these days. We also believe in teaching the client the skills necessary to make basic changes to websites, if desired, to save cost on future updates.

Every {business | campaign | organization} needs a good forecast.

Examples of our work


We designed the two websites for startup company Brizaga. Coordinating with graphic designers for their logos, the theme of the branding and theme of the company is used throughout both sites. We assisted in selected colors and fonts, as well as handling the website designs. Visit the Brizaga (www.brizaga.com) or Sea Level Rise Ready (www.SLRready.com) sites to explore examples of our work.

Seminole Club of Broward County

As a member of the board, one of our staff volunteered to coordinate the rebranding, redesign of the website, and updating of social media. This included unifying the handles across social media to also coincide with the website domain name. Visit the Broward Noles (www.browardnoles.com) site to explore an example of our work.

Local Political Campaigns

We have worked with numerous local political campaigns to coordinate websites, social media, and the digital presence of the campaign. An online presence does not need to break the bank, but is an essential part of any modern campaign. Contact us for examples of digital projects for campaigns.

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